“When I first started at the Dent Academy I was really nervous because I didn't have any experience pushing the dents before hand. But they did a really good job at calming us down and getting us pushing. After completing this course, my skill level is far, far greater than I ever thought it could be.”

Jonathan BowenThe Dent Academy Student

“I was working in food production but I'm always looking for something new to change my career and improve my skills. I was recommended to this course and decided I could do it. To start with, there is a lot of theory and practise but it is very well planned with a good instructor. I'm really looking forwards to getting a job and making money with my skills.”

Jeremy JangThe Dent Academy Student

“I come from an engineering background since I was 17, but I'm over that now and I want to make good money so I came to The Dent Academy to try something new. It's all challenging but I could see the progress as I went along. The course structure is methodically set up to conquer the technique, step by step. I wouldn't want to do this without John, he mentors you throughout the course so you leave feeling competent to work and earn money.”

Brian PeacockThe Dent Academy Student

“When the pandemic shut down my older business I had to look for a new job and found The Dent Academy. They trained me with the skills I needed to complete any type of job. I’d recommend them to anybody!”

Roy LimThe Dent Academy Student

“I’d always been involved with the car industry, mainly doing detailing for a workshop. After completing The Dent Academy training I can travel around the world with my skills which is such a great opportunity.”

Eder CamachoThe Dent Academy Student

“I’ve been living in Australia for nearly 8 years. My background was a spray painter and I thought it’s time to start in a new area. I was recommended to The Dent Academy and it has been a good experience and I have learnt a lot.”

Manu MadagamageThe Dent Academy Student

“I am a panel beater by trade and I’ve been doing it for about 9 years now. I wanted to add another skill under my belt and had seen how much work was around for PDR so I came to The Dent Academy to give it a go. I’ve learnt so much from my experience, I’d recommend it to all my friends.”

Haydn KnightThe Dent Academy Student

“I’ve been a panel beater for the last 33 years and it’s getting too physical for me. Even though there’s a bit of physical work in PDR it’s easier on your body. I did some research and all the technicians I know said the same thing, to come to The Dent Academy. I’d recommend the course to anyone who’s interested, because you don’t have to be from an automotive background to succeed.”

Gareth BamfordThe Dent Academy Student

“I was chasing a new opportunity in the automotive industry and heard really good things about paintless dent removal. Good money, a good industry and room to grow. John is an expert in the industry and I have learnt a lot from him. I know where I have to go from here.”

Jhoan TurizoThe Dent Academy Student