“After the 4 weeks, I’m definitely confident I can go out there and apply myself and do the job... with the support and education these guys give you, I was ready to go out and do the tasks on my own.”

Darryn JonesThe Dent Academy Student

“I've got no hesitation recommending anyone from any walk of life to come have a go at this. You don't have to have a panel background or a mechanical background. If you're prepared to work and have a go you can certainly make a good living of it.”

Dale FaulknerThe Dent Academy Student

“I started at The Dent Academy in September of 2015, I came into the course with absolutely no prior knowledge on Paintless Dent Removal on what it was or how it was done. I found the training and the course to be very hands on, engaging and practical which was great for picking up the skill, the teachers of the course did very well at understanding the way I learn and applying that to the way they taught me.

I completed the course with three other students and along the duration the teachers gave everyone a fair opportunity by providing a lot of one on one time and mentoring to see that we were all making maximum progress from start to finish. I completed the course feeling ready and equipped to take on whatever the Paintless Dent Removal industry had to offer, imparted with great values and culture. To this day I still work alongside the amazing crew at Hail Response Team and receive ongoing support and mentoring to see that I continue to grow as a person and in my skills as a PDR technician. I would highly recommend the ‘The Dent Academy’ to anyone who is looking for a great opportunity, to learn a new skill and a change in lifestyle.”

Liam Wilson

“Very happy with the course after talking with techs that a have been doing PDR for 5 years plus it is evident that we learnt at an accelerated rate. The combination of theory and practical knowledge taught was invaluable for learning how to push cleanly and fast.”

Dylan Ellis

“I completed 1 month of the dent academy course and received 5 months of mentoring afterwards by the hail response team staff.

The course really broke down the art of the PDR method for repair of hail damage vehicles and exposed me to a wide range of advanced techniques which have proved extremely useful within my PDR Tech career. These methods were taught through both theoretical as well as hands on aspects, thus providing an optimal learning environment.

I had a fantastic experience throughout my time at The Dent Academy and I enjoyed learning new skills and challenging myself it was a pleasure to have had such a fortunate start to my career as a PDR Tech. The staff were super supportive and with several years of expertise within the industry provided a depth of knowledge on solutions to challenges and a variety of cases I encountered throughout my time in the academy. After completing the course I spent some time sourcing work on my own mainly focusing on car park dents and door dings with an occasional hail repair.

I am currently working as part of the HRT Team in Broken in NSW which has been devastated by a hail catastrophe, it has been an absolute honour to work as part of the team who has continued to push my skills and knowledge of the industry further and gone above and beyond my expectations to help me along my journey.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a world class start within the industry providing a well-rounded look into all aspects. Anyone who loves a challenge, enjoys continuous learning and is highly self-driven and motivated would thrive and excel at the dent academy.”

Myran Wilson

“I started the four week PDR course at The Dent Academy in October 2016. I found the course structure to be very informative. Each week of the course had an in depth reading material as well as practical demonstrations from experienced PDR Techs. The written content was extremely helpful as it allowed me to refer back to the information whilst troubleshooting problems during and after the course.

The Dent Academy was a great overall experience as it separates itself from other training companies and provides you with extra time and the right selection of PDR tools to start working on live jobs immediately. What I loved about the course is the commitment that HRT has for their students and their career. The support goes beyond just the four week period of the course…it has been eight months since I finished the course and I still receive support from the admin team and the experienced PDR Techs working under the HRT Banner. All of the staff are very understanding and willing to help you learn.

After the course, I worked on live jobs in Brisbane alongside an experienced PDR Tech. It was very helpful to be mentored during the initial stages of my career. I am now working at my first real hail storm assessment centre at Broken Hill and continuing to learn and develop my skills.

I would recommend the course to anyone looking to get into the industry. HRT makes a commitment to its students that are willing to invest time and commitment to PDR. There is no other training offered in this industry that provides you with the support and structure of this course.”

Matthew Rogers