Ready to get ahead in a well-paid career that doesn't make you work all year round?

Apprenticeship Pathway

Course Duration: 4 Week course

Certificate 3 Guarantee Course

Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face

Core PRD Hail is a four-week, hands-on certification to kickstart beginners into a career in Hail Repair. A part of the Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) industry, a Hail Repair Technician is a sustainable and financially rewarding career that gives you lifestyle flexibility. Whether you want more time to be with your family or mates, more money to go travelling or take time off – or a career that gives you the freedom to call your own shots, Hail Repair can deliver.

From quoting repairs, learning methods of repair and completing your own damaged car to industry standard, this intensive course will give you the confidence, ability and support to make money right out of the gate – and begin your Hail Response career.


Learn The Foundation To Get Started In The Industry

A reliable system to establish your own business as a PDR Hail Technician.

Black and green icon of a medal.
Industry recognized
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Confidently repair light to medium hail-damaged vehicles
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Quote and assess vehicles for hail damage
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Career opportunities with multiple hail companies
Given your own hail damaged vehicle to fix
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6-month post-course support
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Your Roadmap From Beginner to Core PDR Certified

Week One


  • Introduction & Overview 
    • PDR Tools & Safety Precautions 
  • Tool Kart Setup 
  • LED Lights 
    • Reading & Positioning 
  • Tool Repairing 
    • Rhythm & Locating 
  • Tapping Down 
    • Feather & Pressure Hold
  • Practical Test & Assessment
    • Pushing & Repairing 
    • Tapping down
Week Two


  • Glue Pulling
    • Slide Hammer & Mini Lifter 
  • Shapes & Tensions
  • Cross Checking
    • Flat, Concave & Convex 
  • Hammer Blending
  • Practical Test & Assessment
    • Glue Pulling 
    • Blending 
    • Cross checking 
Week Three


  • Tool Repairing 
    • Soft & Sharp Tip
  • Tapping Up 
    • Tapping Up & Hold – Tapping Down
  • Practical Test & Assessment 
    • Pushing soft & Sharp Tip 
    • Tapping Up & Hold – Tapping Down


Post Course Support & Mentoring

We want you to feel confident and armed to take on any hurdles that may arise when you start out doing your first repairs. So, for the next 6 months after your course, we’re on hand for you to turn to with any questions, hiccups or problems you run in to.

Additionally, you will have access to the following 4 Super Sessions:

  • Session 1: This session will troubleshoot any questions or issues you have around invoicing and accounts.
  • Session 2: This session will provide support and answer any questions you have around a specific problem, repair or job.
  • Session 3: This session provides networking opportunities to kick start you in the PDR Industry so you’re well-connected and can find work.
  • Session 4: This session is your opportunity to bring any questions you still have to the table to be answered.

Course Tool Kit Options

Walk away with every tool you need to show up to a job looking the part and having everything l/standard tools, you have the option of a 40 or 65 piece tool kit to kickstart your PDR career.

Click on the image for a more detailed look.

Career Opportunities

One of our main driving factors of creating The Dent Academy was to create reliable PDR technicians we can count on to deliver outstanding work. Upon graduating Core PDR, you have the opportunity to join our HRT team. If we can’t supply work, we’ll position you with industry players and companies who may be able to provide work.


John Ashton

Founder of The Dent Academy & Hail Response Team (HRT)

Beginning his career as an apprentice boat builder, John transferred his skills into Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and started working with world-class technicians across 4 different countries. From repair work directly for vehicle manufacturers to fixing brand new cars before they were shipped worldwide, John has personally repaired over 1 000 vehicles – earning him consistent, 6 figure year incomes.

Arriving home, he realised he could raise the standard of Australia’s PDR Industry. HRT was created and specialises in catastrophic repair and damage. John prides himself on creating nothing less than perfection from both himself and his students and is determined to produce an end finish that is considered unachievable in the industry.

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“I had absolutely no prior knowledge of what Paintless Dent Removal was or how it was done. I found the training very hands-on, engaging and practical.”

Liam WilsonThe Dent Academy Student

“After the 4 weeks, I’m definitely confident I can go out there and apply myself and do the job... with the support and education these guys give you, I was ready to go out and do the tasks on my own.”

Darryn JonesThe Dent Academy Student



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Unquestionable Quality


Play it Fair & Play it Straight


Embrace Mastery


There is Always a Way


We are a Team


Have Fun & Have a Laugh

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