The Dent Academy aims to educate and develop technicians to the highest standard in the skill of PDR by creating a community and instilling a culture based on integrity and respect. In turn forging unlimited possibilities for our graduates.

The Dent Academy was formed by John Ashton, the founder and owner of Hail Response Team Рspecialists in catastrophic hail damage repair.

John began his career as an apprentice boat builder and later transferred his skills and education into Paintless Dent Removal. With his knowledge and experience, John worked with world class technicians in all parts of the world with jobs and contracts in Europe, North America and South Africa.

He brought this knowledge and experience back to Australia and realised that he could achieve a higher standard than what was available in the Australian market, and so established The Dent Academy.

He has trained top class technicians in the art of dent removal and expects nothing less than perfection from himself and his students.

Recent graduates have gone onto creating a successful career in the PDR industry and are able to work in any area of the world with the confidence of repairing vehicles that most companies would write off or refuse to repair with the PDR Method.

Hail Response Team and The Dent Academy specialise in catastrophic repair and damage to automotive vehicles with an outlook of achieving results that are considered not achievable in the industry to date.

What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Learn about Paintless Dent Removal and how it is a superior compared to traditional dent removal methods.

Why train with The Dent Academy?

The Dent Academy are Ausrtralia’s top authority and training¬†in the art of Paintless Dent Removal. Learn how we can help grow your career.

Our Process

We teach you how to get amazing results for your customers and your business with our 5 step process.

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