Kickstart your career in paintless dent removal.

Learn from the best, stand out from the crowd and get the tools you need to grow your own business.

5 Step Process


As a Dent Academy student, we’ll take you through all the theory and practice you need to master the art of paintless dent removal. Our 4 week Core PDR Hail Course trains students using industry-standard, cutting-edge techniques, giving you the key skills and tools needed to succeed in the industry.

What the course involves:

  • In-depth 3 week course including theoretical and practical PDR training
  • An additional week to work at your own pace to complete a hail damaged vehicle
  • One on one instructor-driven training
  • Theory and framework delivered using simple 3D animations
  • Real-world training and experience as you work on your own hail damaged vehicle


So you’ve finished the 4 week Core PDR Hail Course – but it doesn’t end there. It’s now time to set you up for success. You’ll join our network of PDR technicians and be given all the tools and support you need to thrive. We’ll keep working with you to help you develop personally and professionally, so you can grow your own successful paintless dent removal business.

As a Dent Academy alumni, you’ll:

  • Be provided with the support and education you need to work as a PDR technician
  • Be positioned with professionals to guide you as you run your own business
  • Learn directly from insurance brokers on risk mitigation when working with customers’ vehicles


After you’ve successfully completed the 4 week Core PDR Hail Course, you’ll be fully certified with the Dent Academy Core – DAC Certification. Equipped with your qualification and the intensive PDR training, you’ll be ready to take on the industry and launch your own successful business.

With your certificate, you’ll:

  • Be able to work as a paintless dent removal specialist
  • Be able to confidently launch your own business
  • Be fully trained in an in-demand specialty field


As a past student of The Dent Academy, we’ll continue giving you support as your start your journey into paintless dent removal. Our goal is to give you the confidence and tools to build your own successful venture – from operations and administration to accounts and invoicing, we’re here to help.

How The Dent Academy will support you:

    We’ll keep you in touch with a PDR trainer for six months after your course to help you overcome any beginners hurdles you might face. This includes:
  • Setting up of accounting and invoicing systems
  • Problem solving for difficult jobs
  • Networking and positioning to find and secure work


We’re committed to supporting and mentoring our students to achieve personal and professional results in the paintless dent removal industry. Once you finish your PDR course, we’ll continue working closely with you to help you achieve the success you’ve dreamt of.

How we’ll get you there:

  • Our courses will allow you to become an expert in a highly specialised, in-demand field, with the option to launch your own business
  • With our extensive coursework and continued post-course support, we can help you achieve a sizeable return on investment
  • Past student data shows newly graduated PDR technicians could earn over $140,000 in the first 12 months of trading
  • Our PDR training team will be with you every step of the way

Dents & Dings

Get started with the basics and you’ll be set to take on any door dent challenge.

  • Know how to repair small to medium sized dents and dings
  • Confidently quote and assess vehicles for dents, dings & creases
  • Career opportunities with mobile service companies
  • 6 months of post-course support
  • Learn in small, hands-on classes

Core PDR Hail

Take your knowledge further and establish your own business as a PDR Hail Technician.

  • Industry recognised
  • Confidently repair light to medium hail damaged vehicles
  • Quote and assess vehicles for hail damage
  • Career opportunities with multiple hail companies
  • You’ll receive your own hail damaged vehicle to fix
  • 6 months of post-course support


No matter where you are in your paintless dent removal career, we’ve got a course for you. From beginner basics to specialty training, it’s easy to start your journey as a PDR technician.

Where Your New Career Begins.

After the 4 weeks, I’m definitely confident I can go out there and apply myself and do the job… with the support and education these guys give you, I was ready to go out and do the tasks on my own.
Darryn Jones The Dent Academy Student